Podem Crane Turkey

Podem Crane Turkey

Why to choose Podem as a supplier of electrical hoists and crane components?
  • Arguably the most reliable rope hoist
  • 60 years’ experience in the development and production of hoisting equipment
  • A long-term partnership based on trust and friendship
  • Friendly sales and technical support
  • Open-to-the-customer management
  • An integrated quality management system
  • The biggest integrated hoist manufacturing facility in Europe by number of hoists produced with modern technology and machines

Podem policy is not to say “We are the best”, but :

  • we offer up-to-day products with distribution worldwide
  • quality management system assures quality of the final products
  • multi-level management organization
  • the biggest integrated hoist and crane manufacturing facility in Central and Eastern Europe
  • international engineering department: for hoists, cranes and electrical equipment
  • sales, marketing and technical support

There are many companies Podem in Bulgaria? Which one is the original one?


Word “podem” in Bulgarian language (also in Russian and other Slavic languages) means “Lifting”. There are many companies from the industry with word “podem” in the name. Our company was establish in 1961.

Are Podem and Podemcrane the same company?

The company name is Podemcrane AD. AD means “join stock company”.

Podem is the brand/trade mark of Podemcrane AD.

All the crane components are branded with “Podem”.

Complete cranes are with label “Podemcrane”

Podem Crane Turkey

Podem Crane Turkey